Control (Devotional - April 8, 2020)

Author: Tukker
Photo by Marcelo Rivas on Unsplash

Good Morning, Pequea.

Wes Zook, one of our deacons brings the devotional this week. What can we control when COVID-19 has proven so much is out of our control? Watch here.

Suggested songs for today:

God is in Control / Twila Paris

One Day / Matt Redman


Easter Plans: We want to make this Easter weekend special. We've worked through a few different plans with the goal to making this Easter worship service special while respecting restrictions to avoid transmitting COVID-19. We will be sending out a special Easter worship service video this weekend. Tracey will be leading a recorded worship set. Pastor Clint will be there with his friendly face and important updates. I'll be preaching the last sermon in Matthew, Matthew 28. There will also be an additional video resource for parents and children.

Being that this Easter is unique, I encourage you and your families to do something unique in worship of Christ. Is there somewhere outside you can go at 6:30 a.m. to watch the sunrise and worship Christ? Is there someone you've reconnected with during quarantine you can talk to about the resurrection? Could you put together a scavenger hunt for kids to find the empty tomb? Get creative. Let's take advantage of this unique Easter to do something different for Christ.

Good Friday: Pastor Clint will be providing a Good Friday video message this Friday and songs will be included. He will also be leading us through communion in our homes. Have your own elements ready in order to participate.

Sight and Sound is offering their show, Jesus, for free live-streaming this weekend. You can find it here.

Offering: The congregation has responded really well in giving through mail and our online giving system. Thank you!

Zoom Sunday school classes: Joe Zimmerman/Chris Mulder and Bill Smith are holding two different Sunday school classes on Zoom. If you're interested to join email the church office and we will add you to their email lists.

Children's Resources are available each week for parents to use with their kids. See our Scattered Church page on our website.

Happy Holy Week, 

Pastor Pat