God's Generosity Toward Us

Author: Tukker
God's gifts to us every day

Hello Pequea, 

Janet Allen shares with us gifts God is excited to rain down on His people everyday. Watch here. 


The Leadership boards met last night to focus on our approach to reopening. We do not have a specific plan yet, but we do feel it is time to put together a tentative one for reopening. By next week we hope to have an agreed upon approach. The first possible Sunday that we will have a soft reopening is early June. That date will have to be confirmed. 

Important items to keep in mind about our reopening:

       1. We do not expect our initial reopening to be perfect. 

       2. We expect the reopening process to gradually evolve as our situation does. In other words, the first Sunday we reopen will probably look different than a month after we reopen. 

       3. We continue to plan little by little. We are not making any long-term plans at this point. 

       4. We expect to incorporate social distancing measures when we gather. Specific details have to be confirmed. 

All church activities are canceled at least through Sunday, May 31st. 

If you are in need, contact a church staff member at the information in the directory. 

Have a great week.