Jesus As A Child (A Family Resource)

Author: Tukker
Jesus as a Child in the Temple

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Dear Parents,

We hope you are finding these family devotional ideas helpful. Again… read through the ideas given and adapt them to suit the needs and ages of your family and have fun! Family nights should be enjoyable! We can’t think of a better combination—fun family time, centered on learning truths from God’s Word!

Did you get a chance to make a “Truth Board” last week? We are posting this idea again this week. We’ve heard from some of you who have started your boards. Some of you named them Grateful or Thankful boards. All good ideas! It doesn’t have to be a true “board”, but can be a large piece of butcher paper, a poster board, or a decorated wall!

Again… Here are ideas for what to put on your “board”—

  1. Place meaningful Scripture that speaks of God’s provision, love, and care for His people.
  2. Post a picture of a time when your family was particularly blessed by God.
  3. Remember a time when family members experienced something difficult, and God took care of them.
  4. Write lyrics of a song that would be meaningful to you right now.
  5. Create word art that showcases a name of God or a truth about God.
  6. Pick a day where everyone writes a sentence that begins with a specific phrase, “God cares for me because…” or “I can trust God because…”
  7. Name a Bible story in which God showed His ability to care and provide for His children in a very difficult situation.

Because…We all need to be surrounded by truth

If you choose to make a board like this, please take a picture and send it to us! We are considering posting pictures of these “boards” as a way of encouraging one another!

Learning and growing together—

Tukker and Tammy