Jesus Was Born (A Family Resource)

Author: Tukker
Jesus Was Born

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Dear Parents,

We love our Sunday School curriculum, because 1) all students—ages 2 – 12th grade—are studying the same passage of Scripture each week, and 2) because it leads us through the Bible, teaching how all of Scripture has connections to Jesus Christ. How fantastic to spend this week studying a well-known passage that speaks of how the promised Savior came to earth! While it seems a little odd to have the Christmas story happening in the middle of March, that is where our journey through the Bible has taken us. Let’s remember that we can still marvel and perhaps learn something new, even when looking at a familiar passage from the Bible!

We will begin by offering a guide on how you might present the story and end with some activities you may want to do with younger children. Please use this in a way that fits your family dynamic...adapting it to suit the needs and ages of your family.

We hope that this is an aid to help you gather as a family and have time to learn from the Father together.

Tukker and Tammy