Jesus Was Dedicated (A family Resource)

Author: Tukker
Jesus was Dedicated

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Dear Parents,

Again we are providing you with the lesson that would have been taught to all of your children last week in Sunday School. It is a continuation of the same Big Picture Truth and Scripture Memory from the week before. It is also a continuation of the biblical account of Jesus’ coming to earth.

As we said last week, feel free to adapt this guide to use in a way that fits the needs and ages of your children. Each week in Sunday School we do the same thing—take the Bible lesson and teach it according to the age of our students, ages 2 – 12th grade! It is a great way to keep the entire family studying the same truths at the same time.

Before closing, we would like to give you another idea that might be good for you to do together as a family. Consider making a “Truth Board” for your home. This is a place where everyone can—

  1. Place meaningful Scripture that speaks to God’s provision, love, and care for His people.

  2. Post a picture of a time when your family was particularly blessed by God.

  3. Remember a time when family members experienced something difficult, and God took

    care of them.

  4. Write lyrics of a song that would be meaningful to you right now.

  5. Create word art that showcases a name of God or a truth about God.

  6. Pick a day where everyone writes a sentence that begins with a specific phrase, “God cares

    for me because...” or “I can trust God because...”

  7. Name a Bible story in which God showed His ability to care and provide for His children in a

    very difficult situation.

Because...We all need to be surrounded by truth.

We hope that this is an aid to help you gather as a family and have time to learn from the Father together.

Tukker and Tammy