John Points to Jesus (Family Resource) 4/26/20

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John Points to Jesus

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Dear Parents,

There isn’t a day that goes by where we aren’t given opportunity to represent the Father in our day to day living. And so we ask: How’s that going for you?

Sometimes it seems like we are “on point” and walking in a manner that pleases Him. Other times, if we are being honest, we are floundering and plodding through our days without the slightest remembrance that we are to be living like God’s children… let alone actually making an effort to point others to Him.

This week we are challenged by the example of John the Baptist. John lived a life solely dedicated to pointing others to the coming Messiah. His purposeful dedication is humbling. He didn’t care about blending in with the crowd or living comfortably. He certainly had every opportunity to be applauded and praised by followers, and yet he declined—forcefully. He diverted all attention from himself to the One “whose shoes I am not even worthy to unlace.”

What a compelling example!

May your hearts be encouraged as you reflect on the life of John the Baptist.

We find ourselves being challenged by his example.

Learning and growing together—

Tukker and Tammy