A Letter to Pequea Families - Tammy Shondelmyer

Author: Tukker

Dear Pequea Families—

My mind has been spinning this last week. I was wondering how you were responding to your children, grandchildren, etc. who may be feeling a sense of unease and asked myself what I would do with my own children if they were still living at home. It made me recall the days immediately following 911. We were living in the DC area and the fear/panic was real. As a mom, I had a strong urge to protect, but I also had a strong sense of responsibility to use the situation as a learning tool.

Times of crisis, hardship, and uncertainty are teachable moments that we should not squander. It’s as if God has given us a “holy disruption” where we have opportunity to practice what we preach. We say He is a God who can be trusted. We say He gives peace that passes all understanding. We say He cares for us and watches over us. So, what are we doing or saying that would exemplify those truths to our children at this time?

Consider gathering as a family to pray. As you give praise to God for His faithfulness throughout history, your children will observe your trust in the Father as the Provider; as you pray for those who are sick or afraid, your children will observe your trust in the Father as the Healer; and as you listen to your children pray, you will learn what concerns are on their hearts. You will be better able to tune in and guide appropriately, all while communicating trust in our God. This will send a significant message to those we love and want to bring up in the “nurture and admonition of the Lord.”

If you haven’t been in the habit of praying together as a family, perhaps this “holy disruption” will be a wonderful provision for your family—to stimulate new conversation, provide time to spend with one another, or even begin a new habit of praying together in your home.
And speaking of praying... I’ve been praying for you.


Tammy Shondelmyer

Children’s Discipleship Director