Public Service Announcement: New Greeting Rules

Author: Tukker
New greeting rules

Good morning, Pequea, 

How do we greet one another under new social rules? Doug Kauffman, our Children's Ministry Outreach Coordinator, explains. Enjoy! See the video here


COMMUNION: We are encouraging people to take communion in their homes this weekend during the worship service. This is a practice for those who are trusting in Jesus as Lord. If you do not have them already, plan on having the food necessary for the bread and the cup. 

All church activities are canceled at least through May 10 (Mother's Day). We expect this to last beyond this date. The leadership is constantly evaluating our next step forward. 

If you have not updated your clearances in the last 5 years, please visit this site, complete the clearances, and turn in to the office. 

If you are interested in the position of Next Generation Ministries Director, turn in your resume to the office. 

If you are in need, contact a church staff member. 

Have a great week.