As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.

Proverbs 27:17

Deeper interaction with fellow believers does not happen on a Sunday morning when we gather to worship God together. Instead, this takes place in smaller groups who make an intentional effort to help one another grow in their faith and obedience to God. Whether it's in a DNA accountability group, Sunday Elective, or Bible study, you are encouraged to get to know and experience one another on a personal level.


What DNA is all about

The term “DNA Group” refers to a group that consists of three to four people—men with men, women with women—who meet together weekly. Through Bible study, prayer, and sharing openly with one another they seek to know God, be known by others, and bring the gospel to bear on each other’s lives in order to become more like Jesus.
DNA is an acronym that reminds us of the key components in making disciples: Discover, Nurture, and Act. The goal is to help one another discover Jesus in the Scriptures, nurture relationships as well as the truths of the gospel in our hearts, and faithfully act on what the Spirit calls us to do.
As disciples, we should experience transformation at every level affecting our whole person. Specific disciple-making goals for a DNA group can be understood by unpacking the acronym.
Discover: Led by the Holy Spirit, the group will study the Bible together and each one will share what God is teaching them. The group will choose a passage of Scripture and everyone will read it throughout the week. Take note of key thoughts and insights the Spirit reveals to you and share those with the group.
Nurture: Led by the Holy Spirit, the group will encourage one another to love God and others. Prayer for members within the group and for people who do not yet know Jesus is key toward accomplishing this goal.
Act: Led by the Holy Spirit, the group will listen and obey as God calls us to live in faith. Six accountability questions will be asked, and each person will respond honestly in humility. Reaching out in words and actions to those who do not yet know Jesus is an important aspect of acting in obedience.

Adult Electives

Sunday Mornings - 9 am

Throughout the year, 10-12 week electives are offered at 9:00 am for adults to grow in their faith and love for Jesus. Topics range from in-depth Bible study to practical studies on parenting and finances. Class sizes are small enough to interact over the subject while getting to know others. 

ladies Bible Study

The Ladies Wednesday Night Bible Study will be starting September 6.  We will be using a book written by John MacArthur, entitled, "Twelve Ordinary Men."  In this study, we will be exploring 'How the Master shaped His Disciples for greatness & What He wants to do with you'.  We will be meeting in the conference room behind the church office.  Study begins at 6:30pm and is held weekly.  To register and purchase a book ($5.00), please contact Linda Wise (610)420-7143.  Hope to have you join us!

Adult Bible Study

A Bible study for adults of any age meets at 9:30am in the church library each Wednesday from Spring to Fall.  We are currently studying 30 Life Principles by Charles Stanley.  Everyone is welcome, no need to sign up.